Foreward by the Founder.

The vision that led to the birth of Landsar Developers Limited started some many years ago, when the Founder and CEO, Mr. Edward William Wiafe started taking up smaller jobs by himself with some few artisans. In April 2006, the Landsar Developers limited was incorporated and received approval to commence business as an entity. From very humble beginnings and struggles in the trenches of a business start-ups, the vision never  died. The company broke through its fair share of challenges to stand out.

“I had the vision to form the Landsar Developers Limited to address a prevailing need in the construction industry. I observed that many clients seeking construction services had to shuffle between several individual trade service providers to get their construction needs met.”

“This observation was my driving force and motivation to step into the fray. The overwhelming nature of my desire led to the choice of the name LANDSAR which was formed out of three words (Land, Sea & Air). That is to say that we will meet our client’s needs on Land and on the Sea and in the Air. It was my expression of the indication that I was going to set up a business that will provide all the required services of the construction industry.”

“Hence our tagline – ‘Turnkey Building Contractors’. We have lived true to this vision and executed a number of turnkey projects for our various clients over the years and continue to strive towards being the best at what we do.”

Edward William Wiafe (CEO & Founder)

Vision Statement

We are a turnkey construction company delivering all building services from conception to actualization

Mission Statement

Our business is about being true to our vision and aspirations. Focusing on the development and growth of a company with sustainable local and international acknowledgment for professional excellence in delivering custom-made services to our clients

Market Goals

LDL market goal is geared towards exceeding the expectations of every client by offering turnkey outstanding service, increased flexibility, and adding greater value. This enables us to regularly acquire new clients, do all we can to retain existing clients, consistently achieve growth, and create brand awareness. Coupled with this is Landsar’s determination is to champion the socio-economic development of Ghanaand Africa through infrastructure and property development, the provision of opportunities to new graduates and the unemployed and the creation of training and development platforms to enhance skills within the communities it operates

Target Market

Our target market cuts across governments at all levels in Ghana and the African continent, the organised private sector and individuals from all walks of life and our selling points are our turnkey excellent and timely delivery of projects using innovative tested and best practices.

Why choose Landsar Developers

A few reasons why you have to work with us

Best Build Solutions

Absolute safety

Timely Delivery

Save Your Money