our strategy

How we intend to serve you better

Our Objectives

Our objectives are clear and simple: create numerous sustainable communities, featuring affordable housing, for the people of emerging nations. Deliver each community within 12 months from order to occupancy. Provide these at the lowest possible cost to all stakeholders involved.

Affordable Housing

Our Modular Housing System, with advanced design and engineering, offers sustainable construction. Tailored for specific needs, each module includes fixtures, providing diverse housing and multi-functional buildings by connecting to infrastructure.

Creating Communities

Creating self-sustaining communities with minimal environmental impact. We ship cutting-edge off-grid infrastructure with building modules, while our local teams handle construction and community engagement.

Speed to market

Economies of scale together with accelerated manufacturing processes and an efficient project management system will be employed to meet our target.

Lower Cost

To minimize costs and enhance manufacturing efficiency, we welcome contributions from supply chain partners, governments, aid organizations, and global citizens. This collaborative effort aims to make quality homes in self-sustaining communities truly affordable.

Freedom From Obstruction

Let development and prosperity be for the many not the few. We ask that every organisation and every individual support our cause and pave the way for the success of our initiative. Follow our mantra and let nothing stand in our way

Eugene A. Bempah BSc, MSc, GHIS, PrCM
Managing Director
Based in Accra, Eugene has over 13 years of experience across Project Construction Management, and Cost Engineering services.

Eugene is the Managing Director of Landsar Developers company tasked to securing the development and growth of a company with sustainable local and international acknowledgement for professional excellence in delivering custom made solutions and services to clients.

Eugene is a GHIS and SACPCMP member and has a Bachelor’s degree in Building Technology from KNUST, Ghana and a Master’s degree in Construction Management from Anglia Ruskin University in the UK.