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Our Partners

Our Clients

Our clients rely on us to provide highly effective solutions when executing their projects, helping them meet their goals and realize their vision. We deliver on our promise and will continue to do so. We have cultivated lasting relationships across the public and private sectors and continue to expand our client base. We deliver on our promise and will continue to do so.

Our Partners

We have over the years collaborated and worked together on some projects with reputable firms such as Akweni Construction and Project Management Ltd (South Africa), Building Communities Initiative (BCI Group – Australia), Promancon Consult, Emileen Logistics, Andrew Prah Consult, Arthro Synergeio, Nordel Limited, Airnet Limited, Triedy Limited, etc.

LDL partnership with the above international and local, a renowned international and local project management and logistical players, expands our national and international global network, allowing us to meet our target market cuts across governments at all levels in Ghana and the African continent, and respond to any client requirement.

LDL has also joined efforts with the academic staff of KNUST in Kumasi, Ghana, on integrating sustainable and affordable construction solutions into the construction process of our services. Our partner network is constantly expanding and the interest to join our history-making mission is rising.

Building Communities Initiative (BCI) is a global team of multi-disciplinary consultants working in concert to realise our mandate: “Through innovation and technology, we build quality, self-sustaining communities in collaboration with the citizens of emerging nations”. We understand that the necessity for quality, affordable, sustainable housing goes beyond providing accommodation, extending to improvements in public health, mental health, education and overall quality of life.