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Key Strategy

Key Objectives

Our objectives are clear and simple: create numerous sustainable communities, featuring affordable housing, for the people of emerging nations. Deliver each community within 12 months from order to occupancy. Provide these at the lowest possible cost to all stakeholders involved.

Quality Affordable Housing

This will be achieved through our Modular Housing System. This involves advanced design and engineering coupled with innovative technology and materials. Built according to specific market and climate requirements each module comes complete with fixtures and finishes. Each home requires only the joining of the modules and connection to infrastructure to create both low- and medium-rise buildings. These will provide varied housing options as well as community, education and commercial buildings.

Creating Communities

As per our mandate, our communities have to be self-sustaining, comfortable and safe. Our philosophy is to minimise the demand on local resources. Where required by the client brief, leading edge off-grid power, water, waste management and communications infrastructure can be shipped together with the building modules to create a self-sustaining community with minimum environmental impact. Our local construction team will manage the clearing of land and the building of roads while our community engagement team will facilitate the occupancy process.

Speed To Market

Economies of scale together with accelerated manufacturing processes and an efficient project management system will be employed to meet our target.

Lower Cost

To achieve the lowest possible cost base, in addition to achieving high manufacturing and pre-fabrication efficiency, we invite our supply chain partners, governments, aid organisations and citizens of the world to contribute to our input costs enabling quality homes in self-sustaining communities to be truly affordable.

Freedom From Obstruction

Let development and prosperity be for the many not the few. We ask that every organisation and every individual support our cause and pave the way for the success of our initiative. Follow our mantra and let nothing stand in our way